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5 (more) Top ASCA Tips for the Noob 2.0 – #ASCA15

This year’s 5 ASCA Tips for the Noob 2.0 will build on those tips from last year to help make your ASCA experience awesome!

Free resource – CA Community College Handbook

I put together a resource for my students and parents that I will continue to update that is similar to the 4 year college handbook, but focused on the 112 CA Community Colleges and the process of enrollment. While I know many of you are from outside of CA – you can easily adjust this for your state.

2014-2015 Counseling Geek Financial Year In Review

Hello faithful and fellow Geek. As promised last year when I started loosely “monetizing” this blog with affiliate ads from Amazon, I want to provide a brief yearly review of the ins and outs of The Counseling Geek. This analysis will be from July 1, 2014 to May 6th, 2015 (not because that is a year but this is when I have time to write it up).

Taking back your time: Flipping your counseling sessions with Screencast-O-Matic

One FREE tool that is a great way to start your flipping is Screencast-O-Matic (SOM) as a school counselor. Learn how and more in this article! Take back your valuable time through the flipping technique.

Announcing the newest TCG feature: The Digital Back rub

The latest internet technology helps create School Counselor self-care from a distance.


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