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Bits & Bytes: Be Brave

Bits & Bytes: Be Brave – a series to hopefully share some thoughts, reflections, insights, challenges and hopefully a slight amount of wisdom.

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Shop School Counselor Swag and Shirts: A New Project

Hi everyone – I wanted to share something new that I was trying. I like all the different SWAG that is around that promotes school counseling and want to give you all opportunities to get some school counselor focused shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, posters, stickers and more. You can find a the designs on two different sites (info on each below) for your shopping convenience.

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#NOTATASCA16: A little sad but a-lotta stoked!

#NOTATASCA16: A little sad but a-lotta stoked! I will miss you all in New Orleans - but I promise I have a good excuse! New Orleans will have to wait…. When I found out that ASCA 2016 was in New Orleans – I was stoked. I have not spent a bunch of time in... read more

Organization 101: Laptop Stand on the Cheap

If you are like most school counselors… …your space is at a premium. Your office is small, desk is cramped and sometimes you feel like a squirrel in the fall trying to pack all your papers somewhere that you can find before the end of the next decade. Me too.

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10 Insanely Easy Ways to Infuse Technology in Your School Counseling Program

Learn about 10 insanely easy ways to start infusing technology within your active school counseling program. This is not starting a fad diet, telling you to stop what you are doing that works or that you have to give up your paper and pencil calendar cold turkey. Each of these tips can be taken and started where ever your comfort level lies on the technology continuum.

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Top 5 in 2015: The Counseling Geek’s top posts in 2015

Top 5 in 2015: The Counseling Geek's top posts in 2015 My favorite and most read posts of 2015 - Happy New Year to you all! Thanks for a great year!! 2015 has been a stellar year for school counselors and myself! From presentations at several conferences, things going... read more

Be Data Inspired: Using EzAnalyze TimeTracker to Track School Counseling Time Allocation

Using your time wisely.

A major component and influential piece of advocating effectively for your school counseling program and kids is showing how and where your time is spent. There are a few different ways that I know people track there time – from Google Drive Forms, School Counselor Central, and SCUTA Pro to old school pen and paper – I use a free and, what I see as, user-friendly tool called EzAnalyze TimeTracker.

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Get something and Give Something: Career Game Supports SC|CS 2016

Rick Trow, maker of The Career Game, is generously offering to donate to SC|CS 2016 this year. We are very happy to connect you with his resource for career development. Please be sure to see the last section of this post to ensure you order correctly and your portion will be counted towards the donation.

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7 Tips for Managing Your School Counseling Appointments

7 Tips for Managing Your School Counseling Appointments Check out this video blog for 7 tips all school counselors can use to go from the emergency room to the general practitioners office for FREE!  7 Easy Tips for School Counselor Scheduling Step 1:... read more


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Why Support SC|CS

The American School Counselor Association national conference brings 3,000+ school counselors together to attend hundreds of sessions on topics from college readiness to suicide prevention and is the best professional development in the year. Sadly, many counselors do not get funding from their schools to attend this vital conference and pay out-of-pocket to attend each year because they see it as an important investment.

In 2011, Jeff “The Counseling Geek” Ream was a graduate student and being paid like one – but wanted to attend the ASCA conference in Seattle. He could not pay to attend and asked around if there were any scholarships available. There was not a single scholarship to help school counselors afford the conference. I connected with my supervisor, local resources, and a few helpful family members and was able to attend due to their generosity.

In 2013, Jeff decided to take on a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) with his blog and raise money to help counselors get to ASCA. The community stepped up and provided partial scholarships for two counselors. In 2014, we increased our goal and the community responded. There were two full scholarships provided with one partial scholarship for registration costs. In 2015, we raised $1,435 – enough for 4 full ASCA scholarships and one partial scholarship. In SC|CS 2016, 50 supporters raised $2,495 for 8 full scholarships to attend ASCA 2016.

For SC|CS 2017, The Counseling Geek is again teaming up The Middle School Counselor (Carol Miller) to build upon our fund drive efforts in the past. Small donations (and large donations) can add up very quickly! For example, if each member of the High School Counselor Facebook Page (~3,800 of you) donated only $5 each – SC|CS 17 would have $19,000 to be able to give out 51 ASCA scholarships! Please donate and ask your friends to donate to help school counselors go to ASCA next summer.

Business/Corporate Support

We are always looking to partner with like-minded business partners. In years past, we had the support of Hobsons (the makers of Naviance) and Universal Technical Institute. I would like to invite your company to help sponsor a counselor (or three) registration for the 2017 ASCA Conference. Any business who pledges at least one registration ($369) will be given a spot in my ad rotation (both 728×90 and 160×600) through July 2017. You will also be featured on our pages thanking you, be named sponsor of a specific individual to attend ASCA 2017. If you would like to donate greater than $1,000 – please contact me and we can see what we can arrange in terms of perks.

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