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Guest Post: 5 Tips to Stand Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn unites over 175 million professionals from a myriad of different industries. This provides a lucrative platform through which you can market yourself to these potential employers. Here are five ways in which you can cultivate a professional LinkedIn profile which will attract and engage prospective employers and business partners.

School Counselor Tech Tools: PDFmerge! & Compress PDF

Many times, when I am working with PDF (Portable Document Format) files, I run into a few common issues. First is that I have a few different pages from different files that I want to put into one PDF file. Whether this is because I am pulling together a lesson plan from a few different resources or because I am using CutePDF (<- an extra tool for you!) to print some Microsoft Word pages to PDF’s – a simple, web-based tool is available to us to get the job done.

School Counselor Shopping List: April – May 2014

Welcome to part two of the School Counselor Shopping List. Just a reminder that this type of post is a by-monthly series that highlights a few tried and tested tools that you may want to add to your shopping list – be it tech tools, apps, books, or plain old helpful office items – you may find it here. Always looking for suggestions as well so please email them or comment away!

Welcome to the IMPROVED Counseling Geek Site

After some heavy lifting, flexing of digital muscles, and a few headaches – I am pleased to bring you the new and refreshed site. I had been thinking about updating for a time now and planned on getting it done in the summer, but gave it a shot over my spring break. There will be updates, changes, and a few errors here and there – but hopefully it will provide you with a new and improved user experience.

Put the You in YouTube – A Guide to Getting Started with YouTube

This blog post will be discussing YouTube and all the power that it provides to school counselors everywhere. From morning school announcements to recording parent nights, the power of YouTube is unquestionable. As one of the most popular websites around the world, YouTube has created a huge name for itself in entertainment, education, and broadcast.

Increasing Productivity: How Dual Monitors Changed My Life

Yesterday, I posted a blog post about Mouse Without Borders – a program that lets you use one mouse/keyboard to control multiple separate computers. However, what if you only have one computer? Did you know that there have been multiple studies (like this and this) showing the increased efficiency and productivity through using a two (or dual) monitor setup at work or home? It is true and totally awesome.

Feel like a computer genius/wizard: Mouse Without Borders

Have you ever wanted to feel like you were the master of your technology? I thought so – now is the chance.

Lots of times, we counselors (and teachers or administrators) have an old desktop but also a laptop that we need to use for different purposes. What if you wanted or needed to use both? Did you know you can make a dual monitor setup at home or at work with out two monitors (but with two computers)? You can.

#ASCA14: Branding & Marketing Your School Counseling Program – Preview Part 1 (of 2)

Jeremy Goldman and I are glad to be privileged with writing a two part series of articles focused on Branding and Marketing Your School Counseling Programs for the ASCA School Counselor Magazine. Part two was just published and paper copies are on their way to you as we speak, but the electronic version is now out (linked below).

Guest InfoGraphic: The Tablet Race: The iPad vs. The Rest

Today’s post is thanks to Amalia Bush from The Best Choice Reviews who has passed along a very cool and informative infographic (a visual representation of data) comparing the ever popular iPad to other tablets on the market. Take a look!

School Counselor Community Scholarship Award Post – ASCA 2014 Recipients

I want to thank all the counselors, supervisors, and grad students who took the time to create a submission for this scholarship – the results were pretty great and made my job difficult. I really wish I could have given it to all of you, but I had to narrow it down and did my best to do so.

The most important thing is that you all have used something new and have created tools that many can use (including yourself!). I hope that this challenged you and that you gained some knowledge and confidence in yourself. Do not be afraid to strike out, start over, and struggle through something – that is called learning and that is what we ask students to do each and every day.