This is my first posting for the series on getting started with improving or introducing 21st Century Skills and new technology into your counseling program. This weeks edition is an intro to the series and I hope to quell some fears regarding getting started and talk a bit about where we will be going in the next few weeks. Hint: Google Docs, (where this site is hosted), Counseling Time and Statistics programs, Powerpoint, Being Internet Safe and Savvy, The Cloud, Utilizing Ipads or Tablets in the Classroom, and others.

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How to start implementing technology in your counseling program series:

  • Most are nerveous about how to start or resistant!
    • Technology is growing exponentially – Moore’s Law tells # of transistors on chip double every 18 – 24 months.
      • Makes buying technology start getting inexpensive!
  • What I hope to do:
    • Debunk some fears
    • Intro some new and useful tech
    • Connect it to your counseling program

But do I have to???

  • Yes.
  • It is the future (much counseling is turning to online counseling)
  • Online education is increasing as studens become more connected
  • Does it dehuminize our job?

What if i am scared?

  • That is natural
  • Taking on something new and unfamiliar will present challenges and require patients, time, and effort.
  • Pro-D
  • Next edition: Getting started – where to get your software and what do you need?

The blog author, Jeffrey Ream M.S, PPS, writes for The Counseling Geek. Connect with Jeff via email, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

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