Google Docs: Forms, Spreadsheets, and Drawings

Welcome back to the second part of the School Counseling Technology Series featuring Google Docs. This is the second video blog entry of the two part general overview and walkthrough of Google Docs. In this video, you will see the form function, spreadsheet function, and drawing function in action. In my opinion – the form feature is the most valuable tool from Google Docs, so pay attention and learn something new. It will boost your data gathering skills and information base substantially.
Below the video – I have embedded the form from the video using the embed method described. Please feel free to take the short survey to experience the user side of the form feature and see the end results. I have shared the form tool and the help page link that you can access if you are having problems or want to learn more.
I am planning on covering more in-depth and specific uses of Google Docs in the future, but wanted to be sure everyone had the chance to familiarize themselves with the programs before we dove in too deep. If you have any examples of work you have done with Google Docs, please share them with me ([email protected]) or email me your ideas/questions.

Video and links after the break…

Form Link               Forms Help Page

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