Pre-Conference Session Article “Make Your Mark”

Jeremy Goldman and I are glad to be privileged with writing a two part series of articles focused on Branding and Marketing Your School Counseling Programs for the ASCA School Counselor Magazine. Part one was just published and paper copies are on their way to you as we speak, but the electronic version is now out (linked below).

At our ASCA 2014 conference session, we will be building on these two articles and going further in depth with practical, hands on examples. We encourage anyone planning to attend our session to read the two articles prior as we may be referencing examples or glossing over several concepts covered in the article.

We hope to see you on June 30th at 9am for Branding and Marketing Your School Counseling Program!

Part two is now available here: Spread the Word


The Counseling Geek ASCA 2014 Branding Marketing Presentation School Counseling



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