Counseling Geek back up and running

After some heavy lifting, flexing of digital muscles, and a few headaches – I am pleased to bring you the new and refreshed site. I had been thinking about updating for a time now and planned on getting it done in the summer, but gave it a shot over my spring break. There will be updates, changes, and a few errors here and there – but hopefully it will provide you with a new and improved user experience. I made the jump from Blogger to WordPress and my own hosting solution to give me a little more control over the content, allow for expansion/growth, and to give the site a visual revamp. I will let you know what I think of the new platform as I get used to it, but I already love the plugins, higher level of control, and some of the embedded features.

All the original posts from have been transferred over and I hope I got all the links online to make it to this new site as well. If you run into any broken links – I would love an email or comment here.

Let me know what you think about the new site through the comments below (and if you find any errors!). Thanks for reading and following this blog!

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