AdvertisingYou may notice a few new images around the site in recent months…

With my site redesign and some new features – I am playing around with some light monetization ideas for the blog. This typically mean advertising through one way or another. While I am not a fan of ads on websites or blogs – I also am a realist and understand it sometimes takes some funds to maintain a nice website. Currently, I am investing (not spending!) about $100 on website hosting, domain name services, and a few other aesthetic/template tools that I need to keep TCG fresh. I elected to move to this newer platform and WordPress from Blogger (a free platform) to take advantage of the higher customizability and scalability of the site tools.

I also try to invest in my readers through things like gathering and personally donating to scholarship support for things like ASCA. Because of this – I have added some Amazon Affiliate ads to a few areas of the site. These ads are based on referrals. You click on one to go to Amazon and my code gets tied to any purchase you make while there and I get a small percentage of that purchase for referring the business – usually about 3-5% and your price is no different than if you found the item by searching on Amazon. I do manually select those ads to only pick products or services I would use, buy, have purchased, or are currently using.

These ads look like this: 

Supporting your favorite blogs and websites is easy!

While those links are there for you to choose to use or not (I cannot ask you to click my links) – I tend to click (and disable adblockers) on banners for fellow bloggers, sites, or organizations I support because I want to say thank you for their services in a monetary way that costs me nothing. I want to be open and upfront with my readers and thus why I am sharing this post with you. If you ever feel that any ad or promotion is getting in the way of the true purpose of the blog — the content — or turning you away from reading it – email me. Seriously. Thank you in advance for being honest with me.

I also promise to be transparent with what comes in via this avenue and how it is being allocated to supporting counselors, the site, and other resources with a yearly recap of any income. I hope that you too will choose to support your favorite sites through this method and say thank you in an easy way.



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