nvsca how to not be a leader school counselor tech toolsThank you Nevada for having me at your excellent school counseling conference!

On February 8th – I was honored to be able to speak to a room full of (fellow) Nevada school counselors. In the first presentation, a keynote address, we talked about key aspects of “followship”. In the breakout session focused on school counselor technology, we took a look at about 8 tech tools that help school counselors save time and be more efficient. Below are the slides from each presentation.


 How to NOT Be A Leader – Jeff Ream NVSCA 2015


Time Saving Tech Tools for School Counselor Sanity – Jeff Ream NVSCA 2015

I love getting to speak at different events. Please see my professional portfolio or my speaking page for info on past topics and events. Information on how to get in contact with me if you have an event you wish to have me come speak at is on that page as well.


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