Fiery School Counselor Presentations - going from blah to blazing - ASCA 2015 Phoenix

Save the date!

I hope you are as excited about ASCA 2015 in Phoenix, AZ as I am! This year I, along with Paul and Stephanie Smith, will be honored to speak on the topic of School Counselor Presentations and classroom guidance skills. We hope you will add our session to your list of great breakouts and we can help you take your presentations from blah to blazing!

Need some help getting to ASCA 2015? Don’t forget that the School Counselor Community Scholarship 2015 is running until Feb. 14th. Apply now and selected recipients will receive up to $350 to cover the ASCA registration fee (or fee at their member rate).


ADDITIONAL READING:  Don't suffer from Post-ASCA Depression - there is a cure!

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Save The Date: Fiery School Counseling Presentations – Going from blah to blazing – ASCA 2015

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