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Through a NACAC connection – I came across a great 4 year college advising handbook that I tweaked and made my own. Finishing the third year at my site – I feel like things revolving around academics and 4 year college are running very smooth. Next year I will be focusing on three things: 1- Social Emotional Development/Resiliency with 9th/10th graders, 2- Community College support and advising, and 3: financial aid and FAFSA completion.

To start this, I put together a resource for my students and parents that I will continue to update that is similar to the 4 year college handbook, but focused on the 112 CA Community Colleges and the process of enrollment. While I know many of you are from outside of CA – you can easily adjust this for your state. I primarily share this electronically with students and parents, but do bring printed copies to meetings and keep some in the office for parents. I plan on getting this and my 4 year college version translated to Spanish over the summer as well.


The resources

Below you will find the resources. The first link is a PDF version of the handbook and the second is a DocX word file that is editable. I hope you enjoy the resources, feel free to make it your own, and I would love to see what you do with it afterwards.

A special shout out to for some of the content.

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