Driving Change Starts with You - #SC|CS16

Be a change driver today!

Everyone has the ability to create change within the school counseling profession. But only if you act.


School counselors are depending on you.

If you work in an high school setting – you will recognize the truth in this paragraph. If you don’t, let me share the magic of scholarships. There is a misconception that a scholarship must cover the whole cost of whatever you are pursuing or else it is no good. That cannot be further from the truth. Almost all scholarships for education or other activities will not fill a full amount needed to participate. However, the magic comes in two forms:


  1. Multiple smaller scholarships can add up to an amount you need to cover your schooling or activity. Getting one can often spur the recipient into searching more out to make their goal a reality.
  2. Almost more importantly, in the instance of SC|CS 2016, receiving a scholarship can create momentum to seek out additional support from employers or other avenues to cover the remainder of the cost of ASCA 2016.


Be a change driver! Donate to #SC|CS16 now.

No donation is too large or too small to drive change in school counseling. From the cost of a coffee ($5) to the cost of the fancy machine that makes the coffee ($5,000) – 100% of funds goes to school counselors to support attending ASCA 2016 in New Orleans. Please consider sharing your coffee with a colleague and donating today.

Click here to donate and learn more.

We are counting on you!

A good scholarship depends on donations from invested and interested partners, but also depends on like minded people to share and support our donation and scholarship application process! If you cannot donate at this time – we would strongly appreciate you sharing this scholarship opportunity with your colleagues and friends. Once the scholarship opens – please also share the opportunity to apply for funding to attend ASCA 2016. If you are a business and would like to sponsor one or more school counselors – please contact Jeff Ream directly.

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On behalf of Carol Miller and myself – we thank you for donating, sharing, and supporting school counselor access to high quality professional development.

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Driving Change Starts with You – #SC|CS16

by Jeff Ream time to read: 4 min

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