Introducing LifeLaunchr: A New Resource for Parents, and Students (Guest Post)

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Venkates Swaminathan

Venkates Swaminathan

Founder and CEO, LifeLaunchr

College is a high-stakes decision for students and families. For people in the world of counseling, the facts are well-known: the average student now graduates with $37,000 in student loan debt, and this kind of debt exceeds credit card and auto-loan debt across the economy. And fewer than half of all college-bound students graduate, which for those students is a double-whammy: loans must be repaid, but without the additional income a college degree generates.

The escalating costs and consequences make the jobs of counselors much harder. Students now need expert coaching to navigate the very complex landscape of college admissions. Finding a good-fit, and affording it, have become critical issues for families. But schools have limited budgets and resources for counseling. School counselors, who do yeoman’s work helping students, have heavy caseloads and many responsibilities.

LifeLaunchr was born out of my personal experience navigating this landscape with my daughter, Grace (now a sophomore at Willamette University in Oregon). Finding the right colleges to apply to, working through the requirements, and getting everything in order to apply to college was time consuming and confusing. As we went through the process, it became clear to me that many families don’t have the resources or time to manage this complex process skillfully.

LifeLaunchr connects students and families with courses and packages created by experts on all aspects of college planning. From essay writing to financial aid and scholarships, we provide resources at a range of price levels, from free to affordable. You can check out the courses by visiting this link. We hope counselors will find these resource useful and worth sharing with parents and families.

Of course, we’d welcome counselors who are interested in creating a course or a package as well! Please contact Swami at [email protected] or create a profile by visiting this link.

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