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I am happy that I get to share these resources with you to help you with your college readiness programs. These were created by students in Abbie Bate’s classes at UCLA. Abbie is a graduate research assistant and Doctoral Candidate in Higher Education and Organizational Change at UCLA and she also happens to be the daughter of one of my coworkers. She was kind enough to pass the resources along to me and my program at NTHS. Naturally – I wanted to continue to share these and she was happy to let me share them with you as well. All credit goes to Abbie and her classes – I am just the messenger here. Thanks Abbie!

The class created a website that has a different theme for each month of the school year and it is geared towards an 11th or 12th grade class. They also created four posters that you can download below that are useful for helping show the standard process that seniors going through college or financial aid applications take. They are very well done! Enjoy and please share – they want these to be a resource and tool for anyone interested.

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Poster Downloads

Senior Year Timeline Poster


Downloads: 553

Teacher Reminders – Getting Your Seniors to College


Downloads: 346

Teachers & Counselors: 5 Reasons Students Need YOU To Go To College Poster


Downloads: 397

From One Transfer to Another – Knowing the Transfer Pathways


Downloads: 293

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