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3 Habits of Efficient (Yet Caring) School Counselors

School counselors, as you likely know, are busy creatures. We have our hands in 20 different things at one time and our attention is pulled in 10 different ways. We often must prioritize our actions and activities to ensure our students are served and our jobs get done. We are not always good at it – this post will help with that!

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Bits & Bytes: Go ahead and rest

Rest is an essential school counseling trait – but many of us are horrible at it. Being an unrested school counselor is asking for trouble. Go ahead & rest.

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Bits & Bytes: Be Brave

Bits & Bytes: Be Brave – a series to hopefully share some thoughts, reflections, insights, challenges and hopefully a slight amount of wisdom.

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Shop School Counselor Swag and Shirts: A New Project

Hi everyone – I wanted to share something new that I was trying. I like all the different SWAG that is around that promotes school counseling and want to give you all opportunities to get some school counselor focused shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, posters, stickers and more. You can find a the designs on two different sites (info on each below) for your shopping convenience.

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#NOTATASCA16: A little sad but a-lotta stoked!

New Orleans will have to wait....When I found out that ASCA 2016 was in New Orleans - I was stoked. I have not spent a bunch of time in the South and really enjoy good food and good music. I feel like I started planning for ASCA 2016 immediately following ASCA 2015 in...

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Organization 101: Laptop Stand on the Cheap

If you are like most school counselors… …your space is at a premium. Your office is small, desk is cramped and sometimes you feel like a squirrel in the fall trying to pack all your papers somewhere that you can find before the end of the next decade. Me too.

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