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Building A Better School Counseling Blog Series: Making It Happen

In the last post, The First Steps in the Building A Better School Counseling Blog Series, we looked at some of the needed foundations for moving your free blog to one that allows you more freedom. In this post – we will look at what it looks like to actually pack up and move your old blog (whether on Blogger or WordPress.com). We will take a general overview and then focus on Blogger/WordPress.com.

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Building A Better School Counseling Blog Series: The First Steps

You have had a school counseling blog for some time now – or perhaps you took the advice of some of the presentations at #ASCA14 and have started down that road recently. Either way, you will reach a point when it is time to expand, grow, and work with more scalability. As a beginner – you too could use these tips, but it will most likely take some investment on your part (both time and money).

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Supporting Fellow Bloggers – Why I Click Banners

With my site redesign and some new features – I am playing around with some light monetization ideas for the blog. This typically mean advertising through one way or another. While I am not a fan of ads on websites or blogs – I also am a realist and understand it sometimes takes some funds to maintain a nice website. Currently, I am investing (not spending!) about $100 on website hosting, domain name services, and a few other aesthetic/template tools that I need to keep TCG fresh. I elected to move to this newer platform and WordPress from Blogger (a free platform) to take advantage of the higher customizability and scalability of the site tools.

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Dress the Part – Guys Gotta Look Good Too…

Jeremy Goldman of PHSfit asked for a male version of Andrea Burston’s Wear to Work series – well Jeremy…here ya go. I guess getting voted best dressed at school qualifies me to write this article, but take from it what you will!

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The 2014 Geeklie Awards

Each summer, I will be presenting a Geeklie Award to an esteemed blogging colleague who has shown dedication, innovation, and leadership in the world of educational blogging. I will also present a Geek of the Year award to the person I feel has had the largest impact in the past 12 months on the development and guidance of our digital PLC’s goal to further our technological prowess.

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#ASCA14 Branding & Marketing Your School Counseling Program Slides and Links

Thank you all for attending our presentation on Monday 6/30 at ASCA 2014 in Orlando! Jeremy and I had a whole lot of fun preparing and presenting while sharing in the learning with you. You can find the entire slide show embedded below (it also has been available on the ASCA conference app throughout the conference). I also just wanted to give you some of the links that we discussed in the presentation.

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#ASCA14 – Social Media TagBoard

Want to follow the action at #ASCA14 (if you are #notatASCA14)? This is the place!  This embedded tagboard will keep you up to date with all of the latest Tweets, Facebook posts, and other social media mentions regarding #ASCA14 in Orlando, FL. Enjoy! Stay tuned for...

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#ASCA14 – ASCA Tips for the Noob

Whether you are a counselor with your first job, an excited graduate student, or a counseling sage – the first time to a large conference can be an overwhelming experience unless you come prepared. In this article, I will help you optimize your experience to get the most from #ASCA14 as you can with 4 major tips.

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School Counselor Shopping List: June – July

For June and July – I am going to feature a few of my new office favorites, but also going to share some tools that I totally dig outside of the office (since it is summer!). You may notice a cooking/travel theme for the non-school items…but hey – tis the season!

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