I received an email a few weeks ago from a representative of www.mastersincounseling.org informing me that The Counseling Geek was nominated to be included in the top 100 online counseling Resources. That was exciting, but thought there were many other great blogs out there that I was working to emulate, what were the chances?
Yesterday I got a follow up email congratulating me on being one of the top 25 school counseling online resources, in the eyes of their readers. This is my first award or honor and I am truly grateful for it. To be in the same list as those like School Counseling By Heart, jyjoyner counselor, and School Counselor Blog is awesome. For the whole list, visit the site – which is also a great resource for finding new blogs to follow. Thank you!

The blog author, Jeffrey Ream M.S, PPS, writes for The Counseling Geek. Connect with Jeff via email, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

What an honor: Named one of the top 25!

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