Announcing the Geeklie Awards

With the school year wrapping up, my blog’s 1 year anniversary in the recent past, and awards night coming up – I decided I am going to start a new yearly tradition. Each summer, I will be presenting a Geeklie Award to an esteemed blogging colleague who has shown dedication, innovation, and leadership in the world of educational blogging. I will also present a Geek of the Year award to the person I feel has had the largest impact in the past 12 months on the development and guidance of our digital PLC’s goal to further our technological prowess.

This year’s 2013 Geeklie Award is presented Andrea Burston (JYJoyner Counselor – @andreajburston). and her commitment to helping counselors across the globe unite and share in learning experiences has been a fun endeavor to follow. Her involvement in helping gather bloggers together and spreading the great tool of the professional blog is encouraging many other counselors to jump into the world of writing about their professional experiences. Thank you Andrea – you are an inspiration to us all.
Andrea’s blog

The 2013 Geek of the Year Award is presented to Jeremy Goldman (Pikesville High School Counseling Department – @PHSCouns). Jeremy’s site based blog targeted towards high school students and parents is a huge resource to myself and to many other counselors looking for inspiration and material for their own student/parent portals. I am awarding the Geek of the Year Award to Jeremy because his work to build our digital PLC through many great tips, training in Excel, and constant professional development through social media. The dedication to our profession is apparent through Jeremy’s work and I thank him for that.

Who will get next year’s Geeklie Awards? Perhaps you? If you don’t blog already – I could not recommend it more. It is easy, fun, and will connect you with many resources. Want some tips on how to do it and are going to ASCA 2013? Check out the Get Your Blog On session on Wednesday July 3 at 9am.

The blog author, Jeffrey Ream M.S, PPS, writes for The Counseling Geek. Connect with Jeff via email, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

The 2013 Geeklie Awards

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