7 Tips for Managing Your School Counseling Appointments

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7 Easy Tips for School Counselor Scheduling

Step 1: ScheduleOnce

Step 2: ScheduleOnce

Step 3: ScheduleOnce

Step 4: You get the picture…

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# of appointments on a given day

Minutes it takes to organize those appointments without technology:

Minutes it takes me to confirm the same appointments with ScheduleOnce:

Have you ever felt like you were jumping from one emergency to the next – always stitching up wounds, bandaging feelings, and patching people up enough to move on with their day but not make them “better”? I have too. One of the first solutions to consider is implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. Our district is charting down that path at all schools this year.

What kind of doctor are you?

Do not be the emergency room doctor!

However, our day to day lives and simple things like organizing our day can cause an embolism for some. What I am talking about is your appointment book. Students walk-in, parents leave voicemail or call incessantly, or my personal favorite…the “are you busy?” approach. In that environment – you are acting like intake at the emergency room. Dealing with the loudest, scariest, or neediest students/parents. That is not how our offices are designed to run.


Become the PCP (Primary Care Physician).

Dr. Trish Hatch, a good friend, wrote a great chapter in her book The Use of Data in School Counseling. Check out Chapter 9 if you have the book. It is a great mantra to ensure you have your priorities right.

She uses an example I have come to live by about going to your dentist or primary doctor. A PCP and general dentist is a respected professional, and while they can address an emergency if one arises, do not have people beating down their door or demanding to see them because there is a super pressing issue. Their patients make appointments. The doctor and dentists’ time is valued.

The dentist and doctors are also not the ones pestering the patients to make their appointments. Nor are they the ones following up, taking their appointment calls or playing phone tag. You don’t have to either.


Taking your appointments to the next level

7 Tips for Managing Your School Counseling Appointments 2 on The Counseling Geek

Watch the following YouTube video blog I created to guide you through the background and features of the tool that I depend on to manage my appointments – ScheduleOnce. Please share, comment, and subscribe to get all the greatest and latest from the blog today! Schedule well my friends.

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7 Tips for Managing Your School Counseling Appointments

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