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This is the look you are going to get.

If you are like almost every school counselor I know – you send and receive TONS of emails each day. A few from your staff, words of thanks, request, or thanks from parents and a few emails that look something like…

hey Ream Chico wants my transcripts. sEnd them now pls ~

First off – I don’t know who is. Second off – I need to do some classroom guidance on professional email correspondence or this kid is going to get fired. Needless to say – email is an embedded part of our every day personal and working lives (check out some of the stats over on this post). There are tons of tips, tricks and best practices out there when it comes to drafting an email. This is not one of those posts.

Who is this?

This is a question I find myself asking when I receive an email from anyone but my most frequent contacts. Most people, especially parents, will (falsely) assume I know who they are when they email me. I don’t. So I typically bypass all the words to scroll to where I expect to find some context – the email signature. Boom. No signature. Just “Sent from my iPhone.” (or “Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S12 Gold Edition with Superpower Mode On….” if you are really special). Grr. So I wade through the email trying to figure out who this person is and do my best to respond.

Sidebar: please take off the “Sent from my iPhone” line please. It used to be cool in 2004, but now it is just annoying. Nobody needs to know you are answering from your phone or your desk (sometimes you don’t want them to know!). Click here to learn how to do that.

You need an email signature.

Yep – you do. “Sincerely, Mrs. Smith” is nice but we can do much better. If you use a web-based email system (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL <- really?, or Hotmail) – there is an awesome tool to help make your email signatures useful. Since most schools use Gmail if they use a web-mail service (sorry Outlook), we will focus on that. The tool we are talking about is called Wisestamp. It is a web plugin that allows you to customize dynamic and eye catching email signatures. You can go basic or go nuts with what you want to put into your signature. If you are a super geek – you can even HTML code your own custom. Just don’t be this guy with your signature by adding 50 different things that are not useful…. 256H

My favorites

Some of my favorite features include the ability to add images (pick small ones and be sure to try to add a link if possible – this may be more advanced for some of you). In the below example of my work signature – you can see I have two images. First is a reminder of our school wide 1 to 2 academic improvement program (click to learn more about this). The second, and my favorite, is a link to my online scheduling system that people can visit straight from an email I sent them (dang…I have you covered – learn more by clicking here). A few others include a customizable privacy statement, you can add links to various social media outlets, snippets from your latest blog posts, link to Apple/Play stores for apps, quotes, and more. It is very user friendly and once you install it – you can set it and forget it. The image below is an example of my email signature…ignore my reminder email to myself about my holiday baked potato party.

School counselors can use wisestamp to spice up their emails!
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Be the purple fish.

Small things lead to big things. By trying one small change and then another – you will make big change. I hope you set yourself apart by starting a new email tool – Wisestamp – today. Once you get yours up – I would love to see it. Please email me with your Wisestamp signature or questions. You can also comment below or post to social media. Keep calm and carry on counselors!

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Stand Out From The Crowd: One Simple Tool To Give Your Emails Piz…

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