School Counseling Technology Series: Dropbox

School Counseling Technology Series: Dropbox

Cloud-based file storage w√ľnderkind!

I have been using Dropbox for almost two years now, in both my professional and personal life. I use it so much that I now rarely store any documents on my local “My Docuements” folder, but most everything goes into Dropbox. Started in 2007 by MIT graduates, it quickly gained a strong following. They run on the “Freemium” model, which grants new users a free allocation of 2GB of cloud based storage. Users are able to earn more storage by referring new users and through other, more fun events they stage throughout the year. Last year, they held a large scavenger hunt throughout the internet for prizes and free storage space. Overall, it is a strong model and many companies are starting to implement this structure.

School Counseling Technology Series: Google Docs Part 2

Google Docs: Forms, Spreadsheets, and DrawingsWelcome back to the second part of the School Counseling Technology Series featuring Google Docs. This is the second video blog entry of the two part general overview and walkthrough of Google Docs. In this video, you will...

Security Bulletin – Keep Your Info…Yours (hint: Use LastPass)

Beating a Dead Horse?You have all probably heard about maintaining strong passwords and varying those passwords over your different sites. In light of the recent password leaks by eHarmony and LinkedIn, I think now is a great time to talk about why and how we can...

School Counseling Technology Series – Google Docs Part 1 (Video Blog)

This week’s entry in the School Counseling Technology Series will cover part one of the Google Docs tutorial I have planned for you. This is a (most likely) two part video blog covering the different aspects of Google Docs, how we can use these...