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Why SC|CS?

“I am SO GRATEFUL to be a recipient of the SC|CS this year!  This scholarship opened the door of funding for me.  After recieving word that I was a recipient, I shared my excitement at a district level counseling meeting as “something I was looking forward to.”  Upon sharing, my coordinator suggested I fill out a form for funding.  I was so excited to find out that my district was going to reimburse me for airfare, Super Shuttle transportation, and hotel costs during the conference!!!  If I had not applied and won this scholarship, I would not have pushed it further.  Thank you for the opportunity!  It was an AMAZING conference.  I feel BLESSED to have been able to attend as a 2nd year counselor!!  Thank you so much!!!”

Carey Hughes

School Counselor, Lange Middle School – Columbia, MO

“Without the scholarship, I never would’ve have gone. I knew I didn’t have the money for ASCA, it was too far away, and I just wouldn’t have pushed myself to go. I had no idea how significant and meaningful it would be. To have that common bond with counselors all across America, to know we all share the same goals, was so impactful. I wish everyone that is a school counselor could experience it. And now I’m hooked! I want to go back every year!!! On to find other scholarships!”

Piper Showen

School Counselor, Bridle Ridge Intermediate School – Raymore, MO

By The Numbers:

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Every little bit helps!

Did you know – for the price of a small coffee – you can help a school counselor attend ASCA 2018 in Los Angeles? Every amount helps! Can you donate more you ask? Yep. Sky is the limit. If you are a business – we also can discuss a sponsorship package. Open your hearts and wallets for SC|CS 2018.

$1,158 of $4,200 raised
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Donation Total: $25


The 2017 SC|CS Application is now closed.

And the 2017 SC|CS Winners Are…


The Career Game Recipient:

Erika Zamora

Rosemary Kennedy Elementary School in Riverside, CA

The School Counselor Central Recipient:

Brandi Stamatakis

Orchard Mesa Middle School, Grand Junction CO

The Naviance Recipient:

Tana Amodeo

Dominion High School in Sterling, VA

Visit LifeLaunchr - a SC|CS 2017 Sponsor
The LifeLaunchr Recipient:

Melanie Scott

Dodge City High School in Dodge City, KS

Lezya Nithzy Weglarz

San Diego State University in San Diego, CA

Steph Levine-Rankin

Wilson Elementary in Neenah, WI

Katrina Ford

Salida Union School District in Salida, CA

The Career Game’s Second Recipient:

Stacey Williams

Joseph George Middle School in San Jose, CA

Becky Shay

Colonial Forge High School in Stafford, VA

SC|CS 2017 Sponsors and Donors

SC|CS could not happen without our partners. Organizations and individuals all contribute to provide scholarships for school counselors. Contact Jeff or Carol to learn more about sponsoring a school counselor! Sponsor a SC|CS 2018 Scholarship NowContact Us

Full Scholarship Sponsors

Naviance by Hobsons

Another thank you to Naviance and Hobsons for continuing to partner with SC|CS and for sponsoring a school counselor registration for ASCA 2017. Naviance by Hobsons is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness platform that enables self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning, and college preparation for millions of students around the globe. Please check out Naviance by clicking below and tell them thank you for their continued partnership.

The Career Game

A big thank you to Rick Trow for sponsoring another school counselor scholarship in 2017 (TWO scholarships in fact!). The Career Game self-assessment and career guidance products are used by thousands of educators as well as in a wide variety of introductory career exploration programs outside the school environment.

Our self-scoring, color-coded interest inventory workbooks, computer options and videos quickly convert hobbies, heroes and favorites into matching job recommendations at four different educational levels.

School Counselor Central

Be sure to check out School Counselor Central – Dr. Deb Hardy does a wonderful job with this product! Thank you Deb for supporting another school counselor scholarship for SC|CS 2017!

School Counselor Central is a program planning tool focused on a unique professional experience in implementing and sustaining a K12 comprehensive school counseling program.

School Counselor Central establishes the core value of school counselors and the K12 comprehensive school counseling program. School counselors will achieve high standards of practice and provide evidence of developmental activities enhancing student success and growth.


LifeLaunchr is the best way to get affordable, expert help with college planning, enabling each student to find and gain admission to the best-fit college or program for them. The service bridges the gap for families between self-service websites and expensive, in-person advising services. LifeLaunchr connects parents and students with expert coaches, courses, and tools for every aspect of college planning such as: college selection, essay coaching, application assistance, financial aid, scholarships, and more.

LifeLaunchr’s Marketplace helps parents and students find and engage experienced, credentialed admissions coaches no matter where they live. The many free and premium courses on the site, taught by these coaches, bring valuable information to families at an affordable price. And LifeLaunchr’s tools help families discover the right-fit college and enable students to create professional public profiles they can use for admissions, internships, and employment.

It’s free to get started, so tell your students to sign up now! And come check it out yourself: it’s a great way for to create an online presence and support students. LifeLaunchr will donate 5% of proceeds towards further school counselor scholarships, and all students can get 10% off LifeLaunchr services by using the code TCG2016 at checkout.

Individual Donors and Supporters

Angela Guy

Lori Morrell

Heather Anderson

Christopher Belser

Chesney McCahill

Patricia Facemire

Debra Ellis

Stephen Quintana

Robyn Roth

Heidi Huber-Stein

Deb Olle

Gwen Edmunds

Eric Blanco

Libby Towers

Barbara Gruener

Kendra Fogarty

Tracy Ebue

Laura Zaharakis

Beth Lang

Virginia DeLong

Leah Molloy

Gretchen Rose

Kate Bailin

Carey Hughes

Shawn Bultsma

Amy Wheeler

Susan Jefferson

Gail Collins

Carol Miller

Carol Rougeau

Laurie Mendoza

Ashley Bell

Jean Ryan

Katherine Hayes

Selena Turnipseed

Brian Chesher

Lisa Brandvold

Malti Tuttle

Mary Ellen Walker

Alexis Goddard

Laura Ross

Donations are accepted all year - considering donating today.

Are you a like-minded business or organization and want to sponsor one or more school counselors in attending #ASCA18? For only $369, you can pay for one school counselor registration and be a part of making a difference. Contact us to learn more.

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School counselors are depending on you.

If you work in an high school setting – you will recognize the truth in this paragraph. If you don’t, let me share the magic of scholarships. There is a misconception that a scholarship must cover the whole cost of whatever you are pursuing or else it is no good. That cannot be further from the truth. Almost all scholarships for education or other activities will not fill a full amount needed to participate. However, the magic comes in two forms:

  1. Multiple smaller scholarships can add up to an amount you need to cover your schooling or activity. Getting one can often spur the recipient into searching more out to make their goal a reality.
  2. Almost more importantly, in the instance of SC|CS 2017, receiving a scholarship can create momentum to seek out additional support from employers or other avenues to cover the remainder of the cost of ASCA 2017.

We are counting on you!

A good scholarship depends on donations from invested and interested partners, but also depends on like minded people to share and support our donation and scholarship application process! If you cannot donate at this time – we would strongly appreciate you sharing this scholarship opportunity with your colleagues and friends. Once the scholarship opens – please also share the opportunity to apply for funding to attend ASCA 2017. If you are a business and would like to sponsor one or more school counselors – please contact Jeff Ream directly. [Tweet “#SCCS17 is counting on me (and you!) – share the scholarship opportunity today. #scchat #ASCA17”]

On behalf of Carol Miller and myself – we thank you for donating, sharing, and supporting school counselor access to high quality professional development.

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