Consulting and Professional Development Services

Get out of that rut! Time to grow.
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Are you stuck in the “stone age” with your counseling program, department, or division? Not sure where to start with your epic quest into the 21st century and beyond? Would you like some hands on training, personal assistance with a new tool or have a business project you needs some expert insight? What about some help developing a school counseling marketing plan? Have no fear!

Jeff Ream, writer and founder of, is available for consultant and professional development services. Jeff was named as a School Counselor of they Year finalist in CA in 2015 and works as a practicing school counselor. A huge tech geek, Jeff will work with you to find tools and services that fit your program and will help propel you into the high tech age.

Learn more about my background in my Professional Portfolio.


So wait…how much does this cost?


Individual Consulting Proposal:

I am happy to provide on-going or as needed consulting to individuals and school counselor teams via phone, email, or Skype/Google Hangout. This is a great option if you are looking to boost your interview skills, interview packet, online professional portfolio, or digital presence. Please send a proposal my way to start the process. I will do my best to work within your budget.

Business Consulting Proposal:

I do work directly with businesses (profit and non-profits) to help them develop products targeted towards school counselors and high school students. One of my major strengths is my ability to help translate the world of the school counselor to those in the world of technology. I can support your design, development, coders and usability teams with your product development from the unique perspective of a school counselor.

Rates for this type of consulting depends on the medium (email, phone, in-person, Skype, etc.), frequency and length of the project, and what your needs are. Please contact me directly so I can provide you with the best possible consulting rates.

All rates billed by 10 minute increments following a minimum of 30 minutes.


Because I am a full time high school counselor, professional development and consulting must be arranged around my full time job. Evenings, weekends, holidays, breaks, or summer are prime time for obtaining my services. Please keep this in mind. I am also on PST and I am generally available during work days after 4:00PM PST. Contact me to discuss dates, times, and locations.