The Geekly Update: Why so quiet, you ask? 1 on The Counseling Geek

If you have been paying attention, I have not posted anything since the 8th of August — which is a long time in the blogosphere. I have many ideas brewing and another interview I would like to get setup in the coming month, but I wanted to give you a very short update as to why such a long silence from me.

I recently moved and started a new job in the Lake Tahoe area as the high school counselor at a small high school. We moved mid-August and I started right away, so most of you can empathize with the work it takes to get settled, get students scheduled, and make time to write. We are really loving going from the beach to the mountains and I hope to get a new post up within the next week or so.

I also wanted to remind you that the Indiegogo campaign is ending next week (9/4) and then I will be working to provide partial scholarships to several lucky counselors to attend the ASCA 2013 National Conference in Philadelphia. Please consider donating $10, $20, or more in the last few days to help me get more young, new, or financially struggling counselors to the conference this year.

Here are a few teasers for what is coming up this month: The Road Trip to Naviance Nirvana, a new Counseling Geek interview (with one of the biggest players in counselor blogging), and some new job interview info (with feedback from my interview team about my previous blog posts). Stay tuned!

The Geekly Update: Why so quiet, you ask? 2 on The Counseling Geek

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The Geekly Update: Why so quiet, you ask?

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