ASCA 2013

This Saturday, my wife and I depart for Philadelphia – on what will be the beginning of a great vacation. I will be attending ASCA 2013 and as many social/networking/blog/twitter events as I can in between all of the great sessions. I love to meet new people and learn, so if you are interested in meeting up to share ideas, talk shop, or just grab a beverage – shoot me an email or DM on Twitter! I will try to be pretty lively on Twitter/Facebook during ASCA and share the interesting stuff I am getting. I leave the night of the 4th, so if you are sticking around and have nothing to do – contact me.

The Vacation Summer

Which brings me to my next tid-bit. After the 4th, you won’t be hearing  from me on the blog or in social media circles until early August. No – not because I don’t like you and not because I am done blogging, but because we are headed to Europe to visit family and friends for a month following ASCA 13. While abroad, I will be trying to disconnect as much as possible (you may see a tweet or two from me…), but do not fret – I will be back with a review and recap of ASCA 13 in August. Take care of yourself over summer and enjoy. See you in Philly or in the fall. Ciao!

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ASCA 2013 in Philly and Summer Vacation!

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