LinkedIn unites over 175 million professionals from a myriad of different industries. This provides a lucrative platform through which you can market yourself to these potential employers. Here are five ways in which you can cultivate a professional LinkedIn profile which will attract and engage prospective employers and business partners.

1-Create a professional profile

Assign yourself a specific professional title which details your specific location and industry. You need to present a bold and intriguing personal statement which will efficiently publicize yourself and your business intentions to prospective employers. Similarly, you need to include a profile image which displays you in a professional light. Choose a recent, simple photo of yourself. Avoid at all costs cropped images or photos of you in a social setting. Successful entrepreneurs are looking for a responsible employee, not a party animal!

2-Join LinkedIn Groups

Join as many ‘Groups’ as possible which are relevant to your industry.You can use these groups to promote yourself to prospective employers as well as gathering information about other companies within your industry.Contribute to discussions where you are confident you can make valuable contributions. For instance, if you are seeking employment in the marketing industry,you can ingratiate yourself with companies by conversing with them regarding their current projects or previous successes;thereby allying yourself with their business and forging a viable business relationship.

3-Share interesting content regularlylinked in

If you regularly share relevant articles and content with your LinkedIn network, employers are much more likely to contact you and recruit your professional services. Recent studies have shown that those who share content within their LinkedIn network at least once a week are 10 times more likely to be contacted by recruiters than those who do not share content. Remember that your content needs to appear professional and showcase your business expertise. Sharing content is a way of publicizing yourself and your professional services as a unique brand. Paul Williamson, owner of RealiaMarketing stresses the importance of efficient and sustainable branding; “Branding is not a quick fix or an instant makeover. It is an approach which when undertaken well profitably marries the customers’ expectations with the aspirations of the business. It establishes values that people can relate to and creates a brand essence that everyone aspires to“. Therefore, if you can demonstrate an extensive knowledge and understanding of your relevant industry within your shared content, you can successfully market yourself to prospective employers. If you can publish content which aptly demonstrates your understanding of fundamental principles within your industry, others will notice you and endeavour to investigate your profile further.

linkedin24-Customise your URL

LinkedIn hosts a function which enables you to personalise your URL, so that when employers search for you on Google they can easily locate your profile. This facilities mangers and potential business partners to find and share your information easily.A customized URL will drive these prospective employers directly to your profile and enable them to easily access your information and subsequently offer you work.

5-Capitalise upon recruitment tools

A large proportion of companies have begun to use LinkedIn recruitment tools to locate viable employees. You can tailor your profile to market yourself effectively to these recruitment tools. For example, if you succinctly detail your last three jobs in a professional format which showcases your skills, you can attract a greater number of recruiters towards your profile.

This post was created by Allanah Murphy and is a guest post on The Counseling Geek. You can contact Allanah at

Guest Post: 5 Tips to Stand Out on LinkedIn

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