Pre-Conference Session Article “Spread the Word”

As we get closer to ASCA’s 2014 National Conference in Orlando, FL – Jeremy Goldman and I are getting pumped to present to (we hope) lots of school counselors eager to share their awesome programs with all of their stakeholders. A few months ago – Part One of our two part series on Branding and Marketing Your School Counseling Program articles was publish in the ASCA School Counselor Magazine. Part two of the series has just been released in digital format and will be sent home to you in the regular magazine form very soon.

We encourage anyone planning on attending our presentation to pre-read these articles as we may be referencing bits and pieces that would be helpful to have some familiarity with. We hope you enjoy the articles and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions. Email me or comment below and we are glad to help!


Branding and Marketing Your School Counseling Program

Spread The Word from ASCA School Counselor Vol. 51 No. 5

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#ASCA14: Branding & Marketing Your School Counseling Program…

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