School Counselor Tech Tools: Learnerator and minutes.ioHighlighting two tools: one for your students and one for you!

The first tool that I want to highlight for you may come a little late for you high school counselors this year, but a good time to get it setup for the next. Learnerator is a website and AP Test study aid that my students have really enjoyed. I have heard pretty good reviews from students and teachers regarding the usefulness and I know it is pretty inexpensive for a school to get for all AP students. A few weeks ago, we were able to purchase discounted licenses for the remainder of the year to help our AP students prep for their exams. We also purchased licenses for the following school year. It was less than $5/student and they gave us some extra licenses for teachers. One license covers all AP subjects, so you only need to pay for a student once no matter how many tests/courses they are taking. I suggest you check it out and see if it is a good fit for your school. screenshot

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I just came across this site a few days ago and I like it. Serving with CASC’s board, we have a lot of online meetings. If you are a member of many meetings (especially digital ones) – and I am sure you are – someone is usually charged with taking notes or minutes. That is where comes in. This free, simple online site allows you to do so easily and create a sharable document that tracks decisions, due dates, and task assignments. Simply open up a new minutes page, enter some basic information like attendees, info about the meeting, and start adding action items. A more detailed or intense meeting with lots of notes from different areas may be better fit for something like Evernote, but a simple get things done approach is this tool’s powerhouse. One thing that I really like about the tool is how action oriented it is. You can create categories and then label them as “decision” “action” “info” etc. This lets people reviewing minutes later have a much more streamlined approach to find out what needs to happen. From that, you can also assign specific people to tasks and give them a deadline all within the same line. At the end of the meeting, if you have added all members names and email addresses to the meeting, all you need to do is click file and it goes directly to meeting participant’s emails! A great tool to check out and see if it is a good fit for you.



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School Counselor Tech Tools: Learnerator and

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