2014 Geeklie AwardSecond Annual Geeklie Awards

Each summer, I will be presenting a Geeklie Award to an esteemed blogging colleague who has shown dedication, innovation, and leadership in the world of educational blogging. I will also present a Geek of the Year award to the person I feel has had the largest impact in the past 12 months on the development and guidance of our digital PLC’s goal to further our technological prowess.

Check out the 2013 winners here.

And the 2014 Geeklie Award Goes To…

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Franciene Sabens, M.S. Ed., LPC, NCC is a Litigation Paralegal turned School Counselor who is passionate about helping today’s youth reach their full potential and become well adjusted members and contributors to our society. She is also one super school counselor and has worked hard to grow her blog – School Counselor Space – into a resource for counselors across the country and around the globe. It is because of this and her dedication in the Twitter community that I am happy to award Franceine the 2014 Geeklie Award. Congratulations!

 And the 2014 Geek of the Year Award Goes To…

Award Image 14Mason-Headshots_20Dr. Erin Mason is a tenured professor at DePaul University in Chicago. Before that she worked as a school counselor in Georgia. She is the co-founder of the #SCCHAT twitter community, has presented on all things tech at many ASCA conferences, and has been a personal inspiration and friend. Erin champions technology for the spectrum of folks that work with and in school counseling – from graduate students to counselor educators. She also runs SCOPE, a free website to help counselors gain tech skills and learn about new tools and has written a book on 101 Solutions for School Counselors and Leaders in Challenging Times. The Geek of the Year Award is for the one person I feel has had the largest impact on the world of school counseling and our digital PLC and no other fits the bill like Erin. Congratulations Erin and thank you!



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The 2014 Geeklie Awards

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