Do you feel lonely, tired, or lost upon going home after attending the ASCA 2014 conference in Orlando? Find yourself looking forward to July 2015? If so – you are not alone. This phenomenon is called Post-ASCA Depression Syndrome (or PADS) and there is a cure. This cure is available in the form of #SCCHAT on Twitter. To get involved or get more info on this counselor saving tool – please contact your nearest Geek and visit

Suffer from Post-ASCA Depression? There is a cure! from TheCounselingGeek on Vimeo.

Please join the online community throughout the year on Twitter and #SCCHAT – you can learn more about #SCCHAT and how to get started with Twitter here:

Don’t forget to also check out the ASCA Scene via the ASCA website for another great community to get involved in!


Don’t suffer from Post-ASCA Depression – there is a c…

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