The Counseling Geek turns 3 - minus the tantrums and slobber. #schoolcounselor |

The Counseling Geek is turning 3!

3 years ago…

…the London Summer Olympics kicked off.

…Encyclopaedia Britannica announces that it will no longer publish printed versions of its encyclopaedia.

Facebook went public with the biggest IPO disasters mankind has ever witnessed.

…President Obama is re-elected for his second term in office.

…and The Counseling Geek’s first post is published.

The counseling geek turns three - a look back and look forward.Just like a developing 3 year old child – The Counseling Geek is growing into it’s body, learning about new things, and expanding understanding of the world around it. While I think I am beyond some of the developmental milestones of saying my name and age, understanding time better, and running more confidently that a three year old goes through – I look back at some of my developmental milestones and find them just as significant.

My readers rock!

While this three year milestone is not anything big – it is fun to look back and see where you have been. The first post, back on May  30th 2012 titled School Counseling Technology: An Overview and Introduction, was a great launching pad into the world of blogging. It was a video blog inspired by some classes I was taking through Coursera – an online MOOC (Massively Open Online Course). Over the three years – my platform has evolved – from Blogger to WordPress as has some of my skills for writing, recording, and developing content. This blog has allowed me to make new connections that never would have been possible, drove me to get involved in my state association’s board of directors, and opened up opportunities to speak at conferences around the country (from ASCA to CASC, NMSCA, and NVSCA).

While initially started as an inroad to my current “real job” and having no intention of continuing to write after I got the position – I look back and couldn’t imagine my professional life without this outlet. Going through undergraduate school studying teacher ed – I told myself (and cohort/professors) that I 1: did not want to teach and 2: did not want to teach little kids. I knew I wanted to go into Professional School Counseling and had a hoop to jump through. However, I find myself using ideas, practices, and techniques I learned from those countless hours spent making macaroni art and finger painting lessons (blah) in creating content for The Counseling Geek.

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The Counseling Geek turns 3 - minus the tantrums and slobber. #schoolcounselor | www.thecounselinggeek.comI want to also take a minute to write a sincere thank you to those of you who have been consistent readers of my blog and contributors back. I love to get emails/comments/tweets/etc from you all with questions, ideas, and other insight. It really makes my day to know that I am somehow helping someone else by writing down some of my thoughts, passions, and new discoveries. I plan to keep doing it for as long as I stay relevant 😛


Finally – thanks to a few great people out there who have been extra special supporters through the process and the last few years. Thanks to Erin Mason for being a great friend and mentor to me, Jeremy Goldman for being an awesome roommate, co-presenter/writer, and inspiration, Carol Miller for jumping in and helping grow the School Counselor Community Scholarship, Franciene Sabens and Susan Spellman-Cann for being engaged and great supporters of the blog. There are many more that would take much more time and space to write, but if I left you out – please know that I appreciate you very much. I look forward to seeing as many of you IRL at ASCA or throughout the year as I can.


So…what’s to come?

Contrary to what many blogs on blogging would say – I don’t tend to plan much of my content out or have a “posting schedule”. I tend to have an idea for a post and start working on it as it comes. I hope to provide some more great video resources, want to schedule some more video interviews with school counselors through this next year (email me if you are interested in being interviewed!), and create some custom content that can be used in your day to day practice as school counselors.

I always like to ask readers to submit topics or ideas they would like to know more about. So please shoot them my way and I will see what I can do!

Also celebrate with a free giveaway of Carol Kaffenberger’s book – Making Data Work. Head to the giveaway post by clicking here or from the home page.

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Thank you again for being a great community – you all are my Professional Learning Network and I would be lost without you. Here is to another great year ahead!


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3 Years Ago Today…

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