Fiery School Counselor Presentations - going from blah to blazing - ASCA 2015 Phoenix

School Counselors and Public Speaking

A winning combination when done right.

On Wednesday July 1st – Stephanie Smith, Paul Smith, and I will present a morning workshop on the importance of high quality presentations – from both a preparation and design aspect, as well as delivery components. We hope you join us for an invigorating, high energy, and fun way to wrap up your ASCA 2015 experience! You will leave with ideas of how to tackle parent nights, board reports, and even classroom guidance. We do more public speaking than you may think as school counselors. No matter your comfort level with public speaking – we hope you join us Wed. July 1 for the final morning session. All comfort levels welcome!

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Below I have embedded the slides for the presentation for your perusal and convenience. Stephanie, Paul and I will love to hear your feedback, ideas, and ways you may have implemented ideas from our presentation in the future. Good luck and have fun!


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ASCA 2015 – Fiery School Counselor Presentations: From Blah…

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