Remembering Why I Love Lucidchart - An Acrostic

There is such a thing as a free, awesome, and easy to use flow chart maker and online diagram creator!
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The start of another school year spells many things for me (and other school counselors around the country). Sometimes it spells stress from the constant over-eager parents to get “just the right schedule because my kid is the most important kid in the school” but sometimes it spells relief. I don’t know about you but about the time mid-August hits – I am usually about ready to go back. Now after a few weeks, I am already counting down until summer…but the idea was fun while it lasted. With the return to school comes the BTS sales, remembering what you did this time last year, and the time to update, create, and change all of you school documents. I spent some time this week (between my million scheduling meetings) to update my course flowchart that compares HS grad requirements to our different college requirements. It also reminded me why I like LucidChart so much. I went from an ugly spreadsheet looking version of our grad reqs (which I didn’t create) to this more visually appealing flowchart. I did a video guide about LucidChart a while back – please check it out here or embedded at the bottom of this post!

G - Good at what is made for

G – Good applicability. I love that LucidChart has many different applications – but it is just as simply implemented no matter if you are designing a circuit or building a course flowchart for graduation. There are tons of different options to help build your flowchart. From different shapes and colors to the easy drag and drop system that automatically aligns with other elements in your chart.

R - Right price!

R – Right price. That price is free*. I love free things and free things are sometimes hit or miss. Luckily for us – LucidChart is a hit. I hope you give it a shot and share your creations with me. *Please note – you are given a limited number of shapes on the free account, but I don’t think I have ever run into an issue with the free amount given. There are upgrades for purchase if you choose to do so.

E - Eager to please

E – Eager to please. Everything that LucidChart does seems to be with the intent to please. I love the fact that it snaps to align, automatically adjusting text size, keeping arrows connected where you want them and more. The tool lets you download in your diagram in a myriad of formats and also integrates directly into Google Drive!

A - Awesome for Collaboration

A – Awesome for Collaboration. Just like with Google Drive – LucidChart allows you to share, invite, and work together at the same time on different LucidChart diagrams. Working with Google Drive has changed the way I develop documents, spreadsheets, and presentations – I love that I can now work on mindmapping, orgcharts, and other flowcharts with colleagues and teachers.

T - Timely

T – Timely. If all that is not enough – this program is quick! I can jump on and make a chart about how to add/drop a course or steps to send a transcript in 30 minutes or less! I think that you too (even if you are nervous about technology) can get on and figure out how to use this tool in a very short amount of time. I hope you give it a shot!

Thanks for letting me share how GREAT I think LucidChart is and how we as school counselors can use it in our practice. Please share your final products with me! I love to see how tools are being used and also learn a lot from you. Cheers!

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Remembering Why I Love LucidChart – An Acrostic

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