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The quest for Inbox Zero is one of constant vigilance, but the magic Narnia-like euphoria of Inbox Zero is worth the hunt.
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Manage my inbox? Ha. Right….

…is what most people I talk to about email say. I know that teachers, administrators, school counselors and staff are inundated with emails daily. Hundreds of requests, complaints, newsletters, spam, and more arrive in your electronic inbox each day – and it takes a lot of time to manage the influx of information. While digital tools has certainly made communication faster, more direct and not limited by geography, it hasn’t really made life any less busy. Like you – I suffer from tons of email, both at work and through personal/blogging email accounts. Also it is likely that you have multiple email accounts that this massive wave of mail arrives in each day. It creates a momentous task to tackle and most people set aside specific time in their day (I usually do it right off the bat when I get into the office) to even get through a portion of their emails. While there are many sorting and prioritizing models for dealing with your inbox – we will save that for a future post – this post is focused on a free and easy tool that will take all of your non-essential, but still read-worthy emails and combine them in a simple and easy to use daily digest.


Do you relate with the image below? I do and I am 30 – a child of the internet age. How times have changed!

Watch my Google Canned Responses Video Blog to Take Back Even More Time!

Another super-user approach for those of you using Gmail (at work or in your personal life). Stop re-writing answers to common emails and send a template email with one click!

Unroll.me to the rescue!

Lucky for us – there is a free and easy service to help you tame your email inbox! Unroll.me is a website that provides a tool to intercept the emails that you may want to glance through (and even read a few of them) but don’t need them taking up valuable inbox space. By visiting Unroll.me (that is the site address too!) and signing up for an account – the service will scrub your inbox and make suggestions as to which emails you may want to “roll up”. Envision rolling up like a fishing net – it will catch certain types of fish but not all of them – and you specific exactly what it should catch! You can select to add the email or sender to your roll up, keep it in your inbox or even unsubscribe straight from the dashboard. When an email comes in on your roll up list – Unroll.me will catch it before it hits your inbox and store it until the next time it sends you a daily digest of your rolled up emails. You can set whether you want your roll up early in the day, midday or in the evening.

Check out unroll.me to clean up your school counseling email inbox.

In the above image, you can see an example of the dashboard where you can see archived roll ups as well as manage your subscriptions. Your daily roll up also comes to your inbox (or other folder you may want it to go to). You can use Unroll.me with any email service you like – so it is not a Google Only product.

Another cool tool that they just recently released is an iOS app. You can download and manage your account from your Apple devices. Android or Windows Mobile? You will have to login to their website to manage.

I have found that no important emails have got scooped up and missed my inbox to date. I go through about once ever month or two and roll up additional emails I have been getting or unsubscribe completely. In addition to the Google Canned Responses and having some specific ways of managing my emails (more on this in a future post), Unroll.me is a very helpful tool and I encourage school counselors to check it out. Please share your thoughts and tips with me and fellow readers in the comments below!

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Take Back Your School Counselor Time with Unroll.me – Tame …

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