Shop School Counselor Swag and Shirts: A New Project

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Data inspired school counseling shirt
Data inspired school counseling shirt
Data inspired school counseling shirt

Trying something new.

Hi everyone – I wanted to share something new that I was trying. I like all the different SWAG that is around that promotes school counseling and want to give you all opportunities to get some school counselor focused shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, posters, stickers and more. You can find a the designs on two different sites (info on each below) for your shopping convenience.


TeeSpring is a well-reviewed and recommended shopping portal for shirts. Good prices and good quality production. Check out my shop with the growing list of designs. Please note that this site works somewhat like a crowd sourced platform – meaning there are time-limited campaigns (3-20 days in length) and a minimum number of items to order (usually around 3) before orders will ship. So – if you want to ensure you get your shirts – make sure others order too! If you don’t want to worry about this small limitation – see the next shopping option. Order by Feb. 5th, 2016 (use this special link during this time:

TeeSpring School Counselor Store


RedBubble has designs available on a large number of different items. From men’s and women’s shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, poster, pillows, coffee mugs, travel mugs, and more! These are shipped as you order – so please check it out and order to your hearts content. Please note – the sizing on the site (and user reviews) says the sizing runs small – so please check your measurements and follow suggested ordering practices on the portal.

RedBubble School Counselor Store

You can also access these pages from the top navigation menu from any place on the website under the “Shop” menu.

I hope you enjoy the growing list of designs. I have ideas for more that will be posted too! Please share with your friends and colleagues or buy something as a gift!

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Shop School Counselor Swag and Shirts: A New Project

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