Bits & Bytes: Be Brave

Introducing A New Post Series

Hi fellow Geeks. I am adding a new, ongoing series of posts that I am calling the Bits & Bytes series. I want to post more frequently and some of my more typical, long form posts take both time to develop and sit down and write. So it sometimes is a while between posts. I am adding this series to hopefully share some thoughts, reflections, insights, challenges and hopefully a slight amount of wisdom. These Bits & Bytes are posted as I have things to say, but hopefully several times a month. And so it begins…

On Being Brave

Be Brave

As i was working this week, I was contemplating the scope of our jobs and the interaction between adult and teen/child. As school counselors and educators – we get the opportunity to work with a very diverse group of people. Fellow teachers, students of different ages, community members, parents, etc. While working on scheduling (blah) with my principal, we were trying to solve some of the inevitable conflicts that arise. We started looking at students in an overfull course and who could be successful at a higher level so we could encourage them to take on the challenge of the AP vs non-AP physics course. We were talking about how busy students are and if it was a good idea to encourage this move. That conversation got my wheels turning….

As adults in education – we ask students to do dozens of new things each day, but we tend to be scared to do the same ourselves . Have we been jaded? Are we too educated and experienced to think we cannot possibly know it all? How can we as teachers and school counselors expect 14 to 18-year-old students to be willing to take on the new and exciting world of electromagnetism, while we are completely unwilling to take a risk and learn something like Twitter or Google Drive?

It is time for us adults to man and woman up. I challenge you to try to match what you are asking your students to do. Having them research colleges? You too. Practice their cursive? Work on something you’ve yet to master. We ask a lot of students – but how much are we asking of ourselves?

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Bits & Bytes: Be Brave

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