8 Blogs Every School Counselor Needs to Follow

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Who loves blogs? This guy.

Although I enjoy getting to write this blog – I love to make my way around the school counseling blog-o-sphere. I get to learn from all the innovative new approaches from my colleagues in the trenches – many of whom I now get to call friend. Sometimes landing on a new blog or resource can be challenging because of our time or knowledge of where to look.

I went ahead and did a little heavy lifting for you and listed 8 of my favorite school counseling blogs below (in no particular order). If you have a favorite blog that is not on the list – please add it to the comments at the end to help myself and the readers find all the good stuff. Enjoy!

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School Counselor Blog

Danielle’s blog was one of the founding influences on this very blog you are reading today. She writes about all types of content and is very tech savvy. She hasn’t updated in about a year, but there are a few hundred posts for your reading pleasure from as far back (but oh still relevant) as 2009. She is completing her Doctoral program and I imagine the dissertation takes a big priority over blogging! Check it out.

One of my more recent favorite posts:

Minute Meetings

The Middle School Counselor

The Middle School Counselor

Even though I work at the High School level – I still learn a ton from blogs focused on other grade levels. Carol Miller’s blog The Middle School Counselor is one of them. Carol is also my partner in the School Counselor Community Scholarship and is a Teachers Pays Teachers seller extraordinaire.

One of my more recent favorite posts:

How To Help Students Transition To High School


For High School Counselors Blog

Cindy Morton writes a great resource in For High School Counselors blog that is prime with tools, tips and information…for HS counselors (and really many other levels as well). Cindy provides a wide variety of posts – from helping students with autism to getting to your next professional development conference. I hope you check her blog out.

One of my more recent favorite posts:

ASCA 2017 From My Couch Again

Savvy School Counselor

Vanessa is really one savvy school counselor. An experienced educator and wonderful writer – her blog has it’s target set on fellow elementary school counselors. Even so – I can glean info from many of the posts. Vanessa also has a TpT store with tons of wonderful resources to purchase.

One of my more recent favorite posts:

Targeting Students At-Risk for Drug Abuse


EduKate and Inspire

Kate is an elementary school counselor from Ohio and has a well designed blog with a lot of wonderful ideas. I appreciate that a lot of them relate to teaching, lesson plans and inspiration to improve your school counseling program. She also rocks the TpT world.

One of my more recent favorite posts:

Growth Mindset Resource Round-Up


SCOPE (The School Counselor Online Professional Exchange) is a website flush with tools close to my own heart – technology. Written by Dr. Erin Mason – this site should be on the bookmark list for both veteran and novice school counselors. Highly recommend it.

One of my more recent favorite posts:

You don’t have to eat everything at the buffet

College Counselor Traci’s Blog

Traci is a junior college level counselor (with a school counseling background and degree) and was a colleague on the California Association of School Counselors board in the past. Her blog covers tips and tricks for all levels, she sells lots of high-quality resources on TpT (I guess there is a theme here…unintentional) and overall provides great value to school counselors. Highly recommend.

One of my more recent favorite posts:

How To Create a Standout School Counselor Portfolio


While not quite a blog – MakeUseOf is a website that posts a dozen or so articles a day about using technology in a new way. Not all of the articles will apply and it is not school counselor specific, but that is the beauty of the site. It lets us be creative and find ways to use mainstream technology within our own programs.

One of my more recent favorite posts:

Google Forms can do anything with these awesome add-ons

Thanks for reading!

Of course, I hope you enjoy reading The Counseling Geek as well. Please keep visiting and supporting your continual professional development.

Do you have a favorite blog? Maybe you write a blog. Leave a comment with your blog or your favorite for all to see and visit. Cheers!

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8 Blogs Every School Counselor Needs to Follow

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