Introducing my Teachers Pay Teachers store

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Visit my TpT store now!
Introducing my Teachers Pay Teachers store 1 on The Counseling Geek

Check out my TpT store for great finds!

I wanted to invite you to visit my newly established (as of posting) Teachers Pay Teachers store. I started the store because I had asked (in the School Counselor Store FB group) for some more neutral, less cartoony types of goodies. I love to support school counselors when I am able, but not many of the items I can find relate to my personality, my gender or HS work setting very way. I did get quite a few links for good items but decided to put my money where my mouth was. So up it went.

I do want to tell you, my readers, that I do not plan on taking free stuff away from this site. I commit to still bring most of the things I create and post here for free. Even if something will be on TpT, I likely will post many things here for free for a limited time. I think it is important to provide these free resources to you. However, running a blog is expensive. I also have a scholarship I hope to growI also have a scholarship I hope to grow and this TpT store (plus The School Counselor Shop, TeeSpring and RedBubble) provides a means to support both. I appreciate your patronage and ongoing support while I continue trying to innovate with you.

Please follow me on TpT, buy something you may like (100% of my profit goes to SC|CS 2018 if you purchase by Aug. 13th, 2017 by the way), and let me know in the comments or social media what you may be looking for. I have lots more ideas, but it will take some time to create the items for you and to do it well.

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Introducing my Teachers Pay Teachers store 2 on The Counseling Geek
Introducing my Teachers Pay Teachers store 3 on The Counseling Geek

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