Making the Cut: School Counselor Application Tips and Tricks

Learn how to set yourself apart in your school counselor job applications and interviews.

You can succeed!

The job hunting world can be cruel, frustrating and difficult to navigate. The ebb and flow of the economy, legislation, and focus on school counseling will create or decimate jobs. That is why the preparation, the paper screen, and presentation are so important in the process. I spoke in October 2017 at the California Association of School Counselors conference on key tips and tricks for the school counseling job hunter. I combined my experience and knowledge in the area with that of the survey results of 46+ school counselors with over 600 YEARS of experience who have interviewed over 2,200 school counselors from around the country.

I want to share that with you! Below you will find an embedded Google Slides presentation and a link to make a copy of the raw survey results if you want to see it a little more broken down. There is a social locker on these and I hope you consider sharing or following this post to help more people find it – but you can always x out of the box. I do not limit your access if you do not wish to share or follow. Thank you for considering it though! Keep scrolling for an additional special CASC 2017 experience for me.

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Making the Cut: Tips and Tricks for the (school counseling) Job Hunter


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Bonus Prize: Let me share a little bit of my story with you.

I am humbled and honored to have been selected for the 2017/2018 California School Counselor of the Year. I got to get up at the CASC Conference and share a little with the 1,300+ attendees. Figuring out what to share was difficult. I settled on sharing why I am a school counselor and how my path has not been straight. Check out the video of (most) of the speech below:


Making The Cut: School Counselor Application Tips and Tricks

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