Another Thank You!

2017 has been a great year - and all thanks to you!

You are important!

This week is Thanksgiving. I hope that you are able to get some much needed rest (or at least about 5000 too many calories…it’s ok) to recharge your batteries. School counselors work in a typically thankless profession – often sacraficing our time and energy for less pay than is deserved and usually little thanks. I want to make sure you get at LEAST one thanks this season. So:


For being you, for working so tirelessly with our future, for that extra hour you decided to put in when it was needed, for being a listening ear when that is all that is needed, for advocating for those that cannot, for giving the tough love with a kind heart, for being that person at your school and for unwaveringly sticking with our kids through thick and thin. It is vital work and you rock at it. Good job!

I also thank you for joining me on this little journey as I share tid bits of insight I have learned along the way. I say it each year, but this blog really has changed my path through this school counselor life. I have met so many cool people, created opportunities that may not have been available and getting to process my our work through the lens of writing is super helpful. So thanks for reading. It means a lot.

This blog does take quite a lot of work to keep up so if you are enjoying it – I hope you consider making a donation to the School Counselor Community Scholarship this week. We’ve raised about $10,000 since the start of the scholarship and I hope that trend continues and grows. It is only through your generosity that the program can continue. Through many small donations – we can make big changes within our own community.


Another Thank You!

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