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How to Manage Your School Counseling Appointments 2.0

I've made some changes. I have long been a proponent and avid user of online scheduling tools in my school counseling practice. For years, I've used ScheduleOnce as my go to scheduling tool. If you want to learn more about my experience with ScheduleOnce, please click...

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Using Canva in your School Counseling Program

Why do I need to worry about graphic design?

School counselors have a lot to offer. Our core curriculum, sharing of data with stake holders, promoting opportunities to students and parents and so much more. We offer so much that it keeps is up to our necks in busy. It’s hard to justify spending time learning and creating interesting graphics to support our efforts and that is understandable. Stick with me today and I hope to show you that spending a little time on your public image and outreach is actually something that is essential to your full success and professionalism.

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National School Counseling Week Gift Ideas for School Counselor Super Heroes

Principals, supervisors, and co-workers – it’s time to shop for those sometimes overlooked but all too important people in your office – the school counselors! The first full week of February is our yearly celebration of the profession and is used as an opportunity to support and promote the role of the school counselor. We call it National School Counseling Week. You can check out the celebrations happening around the country via social media using the #NSCW18 (or the two numbers of the current year at the end)

Don’t let their hard work go unnoticed. A kind word, a coffee, some cookies are always nice. There are also nice things that you can buy that not only help us know you support us but also allow us to support our profession! Check out some great shopping ideas for your school counselors below to help celebrate National School Counseling Week.

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Writing Letters Home to Continue Your Counseling Connections

I bet you have 10 minutes a day….

That’s right. You do have 10 minutes a day. Likely more if you really looked hard, but we will go with 10 minutes. What would you say if I told you that 10 minutes was all it could take to make a huge difference (or even just a little) in a few kids lives each day you are in your office? You’d probably jump right on that bandwagon.

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