Cardstore is offering a completely FREE (including shipping) customizable father’s day card. Many students may not be able to afford any type of gift so this could be a cool activity to do with your students if you have access to a computer lab.

You can help your students customize and send their dad a high quality card. Fathers play a vital role in students’ lives and many do not have a male father figure, so perhaps encourage them to create one for a male role model that they look up to. There are many designs that students can insert photos, text, or other creative things. I sent one to my father!

*I will from time to time post And now for something completely different (ANFSCD) posts that may not be directly related to counseling, but have an application or I feel that may be of interest to those wanting to expand their understanding of technology. It may also just be a sweet resource you can use! <– Link to how to access the deal (use coupon code LUVDAD2 at checkout). No word on when it expires (before fathers day?).

The blog author, Jeffrey Ream M.S, PPS, writes for The Counseling Geek. Connect with Jeff via email, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

ANFSCD – Free Father’s Day Card Activity

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