A look back at some of the best of 2012…

Reflection and renewing goals is something that tends to happen around this time of year. I wanted to provide you with a look back at several of my favorite posts from other bloggers as well as a few of my own. There will be a link and a snippet from the post here, but please visit the full article! Without further ado…

1. Shepherding the Flock: Supporting New School Counselors 

Darrell Sampson – From The Counselor’s Office

Think back to when you first started your job as a school counselor.  For some, that may have been 20 years ago.  For others, that may have been last week.  You would have recently finished a graduate program in school counseling, complete with an internship that provided you with real experience working in the schools.  All of this prepared you to be a rock-star school counselor.  Your education was complete–you knew it all…

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2. International Schools (and how I got in the loop)

Lauren Seaberg – School Counseling Across the Pond

It seems to me that working in the international schools circuit, which provides incredible employment opportunities around the world,  is a well-kept secret.  So I’d like to share information with you about how to get in the loop!

While most educators stateside apply for jobs in the spring and summer, you need to start your application process in the fall for international schools.  Although many international schools are independently run, many hire through agencies such as Council of International Schools (CIS) teacher recruitment service and International School Services (ISS)…

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3.  A Guide to Digital Portfolios 

Jeff Ream – The Counseling Geek

Back in my undergraduate program, a project that was assigned in one of my technology courses was to develop a professional portfolio utilizing a high-tech tool. I used PowerPoint to build an easy to navigate and professional looking “program” that will allow interviewers, principals, and other stakeholders to view all my qualifications (resume, cover letter, transcripts) and showcase my technological skills at the same time.

Yesterday, I made a new portfolio for my counseling career. I have an interview in a few days and will be bringing this with me to give to the panel (on inexpensive zip drives).

The video below shows you how I storyboard and created the portfolio, so you can create your own…

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4. The SCOPE Blogroll: Inspiration for Back to School!

Dr. Erin Mason – SCOPE

If you haven’t seen the blogroll on SCOPE, you are missing out! The number of school counselors who are blogging seems to be increasing at lightning speed; there are lots of ideas for inspiration! Although each blog varies in its posting frequency and consistency, SCOPE has cataloged 34 blogs so far and for certain there are more out there! If yours isn’t listed, please leave a comment or notify me and I’ll add it ASAP!
Some school counselor blogs are aimed at the school community audience (students, families, staff) and act as a website of sorts to share information, events, programming, etc. Other school counselor blogs are aimed at a colleague audience (school counselors, grad students, educators) and offer insights, inspiration and ideas. Check out the examples in the blogroll to get a sense of the differences…

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5. College Swag: How to Get it and What to Do With it 

Danielle Schultz – School Counselor Blog

Recently I have received a lot of emails regarding college promotional materials. Some school counselors want to know what to do with the materials they have. Others want to know how to get colleges to send them some swag!

Last night a School Counselor Blog Facebook Fan from Georgia shared that her son’s high school has college banners displayed on the ceiling of their cafeteria. It is an awe-inducing site…

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There are so many different school counseling blogs out there that I am thankful for being able to call a resource – thank you all for contributing to helping me develop as a school counselor and blogger. Happy New Year!

The blog author, Jeffrey Ream M.S, PPS, writes for The Counseling Geek. Connect with Jeff via email, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

2012: My Favorite Posts of the Year

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