It is my pleasure to announce…

For this year’s School Counselor Community Scholarship for ASCA 2014, our two full scholarship ($350 counselors / $269 grad students) recipients are (drum roll please):
Bridget Helms of Jane Ball Elementary School in Cedar Lake, IN

Katie Powers, Graduate student at Brandman University in San Diego, CA
A partial scholarship ($175) is being awarded to:
Karon Parrish of Star City Middle School in Star City, AR

I want to thank all the counselors, supervisors, and grad students who took the time to create a submission for this scholarship – the results were pretty great and made my job difficult. I really wish I could have given it to all of you, but I had to narrow it down and did my best to do so.
The most important thing is that you all have used something new and have created tools that many can use (including yourself!). I hope that this challenged you and that you gained some knowledge and confidence in yourself. Do not be afraid to strike out, start over, and struggle through something – that is called learning and that is what we ask students to do each and every day.
I plan to work to offer even more scholarships next year so keep those tech juices flowing and never stop exploring.
I will be posting the resulting submitted projects and tools in an upcoming post after I have final confirmation of that being okay with each participant and get it all sorted out so please stay tuned.
Once again, an extra big thank you to our sponsors and generous donors – none of this can happen without you. Please consider supporting this project again next year.
Special Thanks to our key sponsors:
Trish Hatch, PhD from Hatching Results, LLC.
Please thank the sponsors at ASCA14 for their support by visiting their booths and considering their materials.


The blog author, Jeffrey Ream M.S, PPS, writes for The Counseling Geek. Connect with Jeff via email, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

School Counselor Community Scholarship Award Post – ASCA 20…

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