School Counselor Shopping list itemsWelcome to the fall shopping list for Professional School Counselors.

If you are new to this (roughly) bi-monthly feature – please check out the past editions of the School Counselor Shopping List for other school counselor tested and approved items, resources, books, and other goodies. I hope you enjoy this fall edition and check out a few things that may help your programs to grow.


Amazon Kindle App for Android (and Apple…boooo): FREE!


I have found myself using the Kindle app more frequently on my Google Nexus 10 and OnePlus Android devices throughout the summer, during travel times, and even today on the bus to a field trip. I really like the fact that it syncs across devices and my Amazon account. After reading a few books with the App – the suggestions for new books to read are pretty good.

Within the app – I like how easy it is to use but they left just enough customization tools for those fiddlers like me. Want a black background and white text? No problem. Serif instead of Sans Serif font. Freedom.

If you are a book reader, but maybe don’t have space, don’t like carrying a novel with you, and like books for less money – I hope you check out the Kindle app on your devices.


Kindle for Android  //  Kindle for iOS


Lysol Disinfecting Wipes: ~$10


These things (and industrial sized hand sanitizer) are an educator’s best friend. I find myself wiping down my office like a criminal about once a week with these. Now I am not a germaphobe nor OCD, but I do HATE to be sick. Trust me that these can be helpful in saving some days out feeling horrible on the couch. Pick some up for you or your office. It will save everyone some un-needed misery.

 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack, Lemon and Lime Blossom, 240 Count



Cepacol Throat Lozenges: ~$4 for a pack of 16

51zh8MzAQ+L._SL250_If you do not heed my warning for the prior product – these I find to come in very handy with a sore throat or cough. Everyone is bound to get sick every now and then – I was last weekend (I know – lame on the weekend) and I found these strange but effective! I have never tried them before and I have to tell you the initial one is a little odd. Why? Because it contains Benzocaine (similar to Novocaine that you get at the dentist) which is a topical anesthetic and it does get your mouth – and most importantly your throat – a little numb.

We are not talking any where near dentist numb here – enough though so the scratch in your throat doesn’t bother you for a few hours. I am sold and if you end up with a flu, cold, or other malady – it is helpful to have a box of these in that medicine cabinet handy.

Another great product if the idea of numb is not for you are called Fisherman’s Friend cough drops. Good stuff too!

 Cepacol Sore Throat & Cough, Maximum Strength Numbing, Instant Action, 16 Lozenges


 Freebie: Greeting Island Printable Birthday Cards


This year I decided to do my best to send out birthday cards to all students throughout the year. I was able to print a list of student birthdays by month and spend about 5 minutes a day printing and writing a quick birthday note to the kids in them. For some – this is the only birthday card they will get and others – it is something nice that they say thanks for in the hall. It is super easy to do and I think goes a long way to supporting students. Ask your student information system person if this type of report can be run for your school.

I downloaded some good, school appropriate, printable cards from and simply print them on regular paper. The cards are free and savable in PDF format. Could not be simpler.

There are even belated birthday cards in case you miss dates occasionally like I do!


Enjoy the products and hope your fall semesters are going strong! Love to hear what your favorite fall products are so please email or comment below!

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*Full Disclosure – please note that the product links on this page include an affiliate link that provides a small percentage of the purchase back to this blog as a thank you for sending traffic to Amazon. Please see this post to read about how this helps maintain The Counseling Geek. If you do not wish to use these links – you can head to Amazon and type in the name of the product. Thank you for your support.



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