497606412_640 As the 2014 year wraps up, like most bloggers – I want to spend a little time reviewing some of my favorite school counselor focused posts of the year. If you just started following this blog – this is a great opportunity to catch up on what you missed out on earlier this year. I also want to encourage you to go back into the archives and checkout some of the older posts. There are a lot of posts you may be interested in before 2014! I hope each of you had a great Holiday and I wish the best of 2015 on you. Without further ado – here are my favorite posts of 2014:

Put the You in YouTube: A Guide to Getting Started on YouTube


From morning school announcements to recording parent nights, the power of YouTube is unquestionable. As one of the most popular websites around the world, YouTube has created a huge name for itself in entertainment, education, and broadcast. Did you know that there over 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day throughout the year? That is crazy – can you believe how many hours of video are on YouTube?

Check out the post by clicking here: Put The You in YouTube!

Read: Insight from Awesome School Counselors – Interview & Applicant Essentials


I decided that I would revamp some of the Interviewing Interviews from the past. Instead of interviewing one person – I reached out to many of my contacts around the country about five pressing questions for people in the job market and what counselors are looking for when interviewing for new hires. Thank you to all my friends who took the time to answer some of the questions – many from #scchat on Twitter and my fellow board members at CASC. I picked a few answers from each that you can look through below for tips and advice.

Read the whole post here: Interview and Applicant Essentials

Building A Better Blog Series


A major series for the year was focusing on School Counselor bloggers and helping new and seasoned bloggers improve or develop a better blog. I really enjoyed writing this series as I also went through a big blog re-vamp and re-design. This is a multiple post series including 1: The First Steps, 2: Sprucing It Up, and 3: Making It Happen. If you are a blogger (or would like to be!), these are must read posts.

Check out the whole series here: Building A Better Blog Series

Tech Tool Video: LucidChart


I started using LucidChart towards the end of last year for some scheduling documents at my site. It was handy for showing progressions, processes, or steps to take. This video blog post is a helpful guide to getting started with some of the various ways you can use LucidChart in your School Counseling practice everyday.

Watch the Video Blog here: Tech Tool Video – LucidChart

Dress The Part: Guys Gotta Look Good Too…


Jeremy Goldman of PHSfit asked for a male version of Andrea Burston’s Wear to Work series – well Jeremy…here ya go. I guess getting voted best dressed at school qualifies me to write this article, but take from it what you will!

While each person’s style is their own and what looks good on Hugh Jackman may (or most likely) not be what looks good on me – you can take some great tips for finding high quality clothing for less!

Read about how the guys can dress well here: Dress The Part

Increasing Productivity: How Dual Monitors Changed My Life


Did you know that there have been multiple studies showing the increased efficiency and productivity through using a two (or dual) monitor setup at work or home? It is true and totally awesome. When I purchased my first self-funded computer in the middle of college, I discovered this dual-monitor configuration and through the years, the many benefits it gives to the user. While this has been possible for years with modern graphics cards, HDMI, and DVI – it has grown in popularity and use.
Increase YOUR productivity today: How Dual Monitors Changed My Life


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Looking Back at 2014: A School Counselor’s Blog Post Year I…

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