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Social and restorative justice, mental health, girls/boys curriculum, and activity books galore!

Earlier this fall – the school counselors in TTUSD were lucky enough to each be awarded a $600 grant from the Excellence in Education Foundation. This grant was to be used to help build a social and restorative justice library to use with students who get in trouble and hopefully help them learn from their mistakes. In California – they made it really hard to suspend students (good thing), but then they end up in the office all day with nothing to do. In steps the school counselors!

Check out the second half of the list by clicking here!

I did a bunch of research and put together a long list of books that may be interesting to you as well. Many of the books are targeted towards the middle/high school level, but a lot have younger versions available once you click the link. I will be splitting this list into two different posts and this is the first. I hope you check them out, buy one or more, and share any additional books or resources you recommend in the the comments for myself and readers to look into. Happy shopping!

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