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The Best Apps for Helping Your College Search
Technology is a great ally in your search for the perfect college and the scholarships to help fund it. Of course, the Internet is a great way to research opportunities and to find the information you need, and there are many sites that offer you great databases and other tools. However, there are  many apps that can help you to manage your search, your applications and more without having to go online.
Here are a few apps that you should consider to help you in your college search:
Get the information you need for your college search from one of the top names in the industry. Use this free app to search by location, degree programs and cost to get a list of colleges that match your criteria and to learn more information. You can also learn about financial aid, review higher education statistics, and even get maps of college campuses.
Not sure exactly where to start with your college search? This free app can help you narrow down your choices based on your preferences. Choose from locations, type, majors, size, cost, or admission factors to get a list of schools that meet your specifications. Once you have a few colleges selected that you’d like to explore, you can get the information you need to make your choice.
Admissions stats and degree program information only tells you a little of what you need to know about potential colleges. You can get the real skinny from other students who have been there. This free app connects you with popular college discussion forums so you can get feedback on all your insider questions from students who have been to those schools. You can use this app once you’re enrolled, as well, to keep getting answers to your questions about student life.
Admission Splash (
Not sure if you should apply to a college on your list? This app can predict your likelihood of admission based on information like your test scores, grades, and activities. A study found that the app was up to 97 percent accurate in predicting admissions. You can use the app to strengthen your application or to determine if a school is just too far out of your league, thereby saving money on the application process.
College FAFSA Finder(
Once you know where you’ll attend, it’s time to start applying for financial aid. This app can help you understand the total estimated cost of attendance, get contact information for your college, and find the college’s FAFSA or CSS code to fill out your application. The app also includes information about the college’s admission criteria if you want to use it to help with your college search, as well. The app costs $0.99. 
What are some of your favorite tools for the college search? Share your favorite apps, websites and more in the comments!
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Alexis Bonari writes for, an open database of college funding opportunities. Specific topics like military spouse scholarshipsare described in detail to provide multiple resources for students.

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Guest Post: The Best Apps for Helping Your College Search

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