My Go To…To-Do Tool.

Until about 7 months ago I had a stupid phone. I had gone through 4 other stupid phones and I had kept reverting to my first ever cell phone – the Motorola Razor Flip Phone. Needless to say, they don’t build phones to last very long any more, but finally old faithful died. So I made the plunge into the smart phone (Tech: Great – Wallet: Eeek). Long story short – I got the Android Samsung Galaxy SIII (and have since tweaked it to run Cyanogenmod…but email me if you want to geek out together).

All that to say – Any.Do is a great To-Do list manager! I was a fan before my smartphone days using the browser extension and web interface features (which I still use), but now I am able to  make the system complete by having the android app to take my to-do’s to go.

In one paragraph, the features of Any.Do include full sync between devices, your Google account, and web/chrome interface. There are apps for Android and iOS plus a new standalone Chrome App (no browser window need be open). The chrome extension can automatically pull email subjects to make to do’s, setup reminder alarms, drag and drop to put off until later, and swipe to cross them off your list. A fun tool with the phone app is to remove the crossed out list items – you shake your phone back and forth. Some days – the phone gets shaken pretty hard…

If you are looking for a great cross platform FREE to do list manager, this is up there. It is light weight, intuitive, and functional. If you want to take the plunge, head over to the Any.Do website to download or learn how to get it on your other devices.

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The Counseling Geek Tech Highlight: Any.Do

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