Take back school counselor time with gmail canned responses

School counselors need every extra second of each day. Gmail’s Canned Responses here to help!

If your day is anything like my day in the school counseling office – you answer tons of emails. Many emails sound oddly similar too. I get many emails each day requesting meetings and appointments, a schedule change, a transcript, etc. I am sure you do too. Typing out each reply is a waste of time and finger stamina. Thank goodness someone at Google had that thought too and created a super simple but mega-powerful Gmail Labs tool – Canned Responses.

I created a 5 minute screen share video to quickly go from zero to canned response guru and taking minutes of your day back with each email. Check out the embedded video below or head to the YouTube video linked here. Thanks for watching!

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Take Back Time with Gmail’s Canned Responses – School…

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