15 Minute Tech Tools for school counselors

The Amazing 6 Part Video Tutorial Miniseries

Great for COVID-19 Lockdown/Quarentine – but also great for everyday use as a school counselor.

I want to share the complete box set of the FREE 15 Minute Tech Tools, six part video tutorial miniseries for school counselors, teachers and other educators. I know that most of us are usually busy, be it with work or life. I noticed a plethora (50 cent word right there) of professional development resource available (check out CASC/WSCA’s resource page if you haven’t yet: https://covid19k12counseling.org/), but many of them were at least an hour long, if not more. Sometimes that is not the kind of time I have to devote to learning.


So I decided to go live and keep it under 15 minutes.


15 minutes seemed like a reasonable amount of time to devote to learning something new. I also did it live to show you that it really did only take 15 minutes (no post-production magic here and some ums included to keep it spicy).

If you also keep scrolling – I have linked to some additional blog posts related to the content I cover in the videos. If you loved the videos below – feel free to leave a “tip” in the form of a donation to the School Counselor Community Scholarship program that helps send school counselors to the annual ASCA National Conference each year.

So without further ado – I present the 6 part series for your viewing pleasure.

Ep 1: My distance set up and better Google Forms for School Counselors

Ep 2: Keeping Counseling Interesting with Canva

Ep 3: Saving Time with Screencasting

Ep 4: Easy Website Creation with Weebly

Ep 5: Managing Your Appointments Digitally

Ep 6: Gmail Efficiency Hacks – Tricks for your Inbox

I’ve got blog posts too!

If you enjoyed the videos – several also have blog posts that are a great accompanyment to the video tutorial if you wish to check out the write up. Just click the button below to go to the approparite post.

15 Minute Tech Tools for School Counselors: The Amazing 6 Part Vi…

time to read: 6 min

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