vlogUse Google Maps Engine to display info in a new and interesting way!

(Note – this tool will be deactivated by Google in January 2016. I will be working to update if a similar tool is released or found)

Update: This tool is back! Access the custom maps by going to google.com/maps and in the hamburger menu (the horizontal line menu button the the upper left of the screen) select “My Maps”. From there you can create any number of maps. Simply then search for the point of interest and add it to your map via the pop up menu and corresponding button. See the video for more details.

As a high school counselor – every year we have college application and admissions seasons. The fall is when most of our applications are submitted and the spring is when most students will hear back on their decisions (and make final decisions about where they are headed). Now I have a physical map with pushpins in the main office, but something that is really neat to do is be able post these things online.

We have had have the technology!

[Tweet “I betcha didn’t know you can map college apps & more for free! w/ Google Maps, you can! #scchat”]

Google Maps Engine is a free and easy way to map nearly anything and everything and host it on any website or link. This can be used for college admissions, but another awesome tool is to create maps of your local resources, community agencies, or tools that families can use for help. Please check out the video below and let me know what you think via the comment boxes below or by commenting on the YouTube video. Cheers and Merry Christmas!


Video Blog: Using Google Maps to Show College Applications (Updat…

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